Brooke Vasile
Digital art
︎: @bvd.sign

“I wanted to make a piece illustrating the idea that depsite the feat of change, our instincts are to adapt to new environments, good or bad. This made me think og Medusa and the most famous telling of her story - that she was cursed with a gaze turning any man to stone and hair made of snakes. However, in some stories, her head is said to be a symbol of protection. She has often been depicted as the villain in Greek mythology, but I think she simply adapted to her environment that was changed by others in the blink of an eye. There have been many versions of her story told; but as a whole, I find that amongst many other things, Medusa can be a symbol of change and adaptation. In this piece, I imagine she has grown so tired of the consequences that come with her venomous locks and powerful eyes, that she is pushed past the fear of change: alas, she cuts them off. Where her eyes once were are now filled with tears of darkness to symbolize the death of her “ego” and the power she once held. To her surprise, the snakes have adapted to eyes representing her soul finally free to egotistical desires which allows her to see things clearly and in a new light, changing her perspective from adaptation.”