Curated by Katerina Christidi, Kana Higashino, Tashy Hughes and Rosa Abbott

Video and image by Passthejpeg

FEATHER DUSTING/FUTURE LUSTING is a digital exhibition in two parts, featuring work by 31 artists, writers, theatre-makers and creative practitioners. Crossing multiple disciplines, the exhibition encompasses a variety of digital and non-digital media, including GIFs, games, performance, painting, sound, video, text, comics, installation and found objects. The exhibition is accompanied by a digital events programme, featuring live performance, readings, discussion and an online workshop.

FEATHER DUSTING responds to feminism’s arduous and ongoing battle with domesticity and women’s perceived role within the home.The exhibition’s theme is informed by and responds to classic feminist artworks, such as Martha Rosler’s 1974 video piece ‘The Semiotics of the Kitchen’, which parodied women’s domestic labour, and ‘Womanhouse’, a feminist art installation and performance space co-created by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro.

We invite you to consider what the contemporary offspring of these works might look like, within a world where, through the force of COVID-19, we are prompted to reevaluate our relationship with the domestic: to come face-to-face once again with the feather duster.

FUTURE LUSTING invites artists to use speculation as a political tool as society as we know it grinds to a standstill. If imagining alternative worlds is a political act, then lockdown has given artists a space in which to do this.

We invite you to use our new, slower pace of life to reflect, examine where we are and where we are heading, imagine alternative realities, and envision how we can rebuild society – creating new possibilities for societal organisation, care networks, environmental issues, social justice and healing. The work exhibited ranges from the fantastical to the factual, the personal to the political, and the hopeful to the critical.

This exhibition is optimised for mobile, however, we recommend that you view it on your desktop. Make sure you check your browser setting to ensure autoplay functions.