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                    Yesterday I read a book
                    of my family,
                    tracing a line that became
                    a continuous thread. 

                    The first section of this walk begins
                    inside my family’s Jokbo 족보
                    which is a genealogy book used
                    to record our family history in Korea.
                    A few years back when I first
                    discovered this book,
                    I started out with finding my name within the family tree.

                    Seeing my name nested among my family’s names,
                    with each person branching into the next. 
                    By learning about where our names came from,
                    those stories became a map

                    Like the branches extending from my family's names,
                    each name on paper formed a unique knot
                    within the lines that connected us all.

                    Thinking about the knots and the nodes
                    that are connected in these structures,
                    what would a tactile experience of that be spatially?

                    Where points representing memories of people
                    and their lives, can be imprinted onto my own
                    and mapped on a surface.

                    Remapping my name, and orienting
                    myself as an extension of my family’s book.
                    Continuing down paths of memories,
                    and thoughts that are passed down

                    Think back to a place that is memorable
                    for someone you know and care for.
                    Then imagine walking along similar paths
                    and points overlaid onto where you are currently.

                    When I am walking down this block
                    in front of my mother’s apartment in her childhood years,
                    what would it be like to experience this
                    spatially where I am right now?

Lina Chang’s ‘When a trace becomes a line’ is the first project within Kleió’s residency programme. To send an artist residency application, please email us at