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I often wondered about the women
from both my mother’s and father’s side.
I guess I resonated more with the women from my family,
and fantasized if there was someone just like me from 7 generations back,
thinking the same thoughts,
with the same face
but only from a different time period
and a different name.

If there was a way
I could create my own version of a genealogy book,
I would make a map so large that you could cover yourself in it.
Like the branches extending from my family’s name,
each name on paper can form a unique knot.
Knots and nodes that become a tactile experience
in the spatial realm,
where you can have a physical experience
with the people from your family - dead or alive.


Lina Chang’s ‘When a trace becomes a line’ is the first project within Kleió’s residency programme. To send an artist residency application, please email us at