(Re)igniting Your Creative Practice 

A discursive workshop led by Jody Boyer, Abigail Hammond and Jen McGowan
Released Friday 31 July 2020

In (Re)igniting Your Creative Practice, we’ll hear from three fascinating women who are both artists and educators: Jody Boyer, based in Omaha Nebraska; Abigail Hammond, based in London, UK; and Jen McGowan, in Vancouver, Canada. Each artist will share their story and discuss some examples of their work, produced both before and during lockdown. The aim of this workshop is to use the power of storytelling to foster a creative community and to inspire others to begin making art.

As well as sharing some techniques to get started, the discussion will cover some of the struggles and anxieties artists might face – in particular how the role of artist might conflict with that of wife, mother, teacher or carer: prompting us to ask - how do we make space for our art when there are so many expectations put upon us? How can we use the richness of the female experience to inform our artistic practice? And how is this class of identities and expectations being reevaluated during the COVID-19 crisis? These are all issues we invite you to consider as you listen along to Jody, Abigail and Jen as they share their stories, and as you begin to (re) ignite your creative practice.

This discussion was recorded on Zoom and the video can be seen below.

Relevant Links:

Intro to Jody Boyer and her practice
- ︎ @iowa_jody_boyer
- ︎ www.jodyboyer.com

Intro to Abigail Hammond and her practice
- ︎ @fuckthemenopause
- ︎ www.abigailhammond.co.uk
- Video of installation piece with movement projected onto sculpture
- Punk song and video

Intro to Jen McGowan, her practice and references
- ︎ @jenmcgowanart
- ︎ www.jenmcgowan.ca
- Pennylane Shen – Artist consultant with Dazed and Confucius; here is the podcast referenced in the discussion

Passthejpeg wallpaper image: “31B” by Meisinisiem

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