Reservoir Peacocks
Two-channel video, 7 minutes and 31 seconds
︎ @reservoirpeacocks

“Medusa embodies the petrifying gaze. She brings awe and fear: anyone who would dare look straight in her eyes, would immediately turn to stone. What an exceptional sculptor! Survivor of sexual assault by Poseidon, she was cursed by Athena with snake-curls and an inescapable talent. Medusa, the punished victim, invokes hatred for her superpower: she is able to see, without being seen. In the ever-present patriarchal propaganda of Greek mythology, what can be more monstrous than the power of the female gaze? We juxtapose Medusa with our own construction of the Peacock, this contemporary monster who disclaims the power of the male gaze over it, disobeys the societal expectations and responsibilities, and presents itself to the world for what it is: an unapologetic magician. Curly, colourful, furious, poisonous, outrageous, extravagant, fabulous in its fables. The millennial woman who assumes her empowered, vigilant, idiosyncratic, multidimensional self, and embraces her radiance and luminosity.

What if Medusa was not really beheaded by demigod Perseus, but trapped in the mirror, the weapon of her conquest, eternally looking outwards from the inside? Could the mirror, the popular symbol of female vanity, come to materialize the very heterotopia of the female condition itself? Both Medusa and the Peacock inhabit this space of “otherness”, the eternal Other that femininity represents in the dominant androcentric narratives. But instead of succumbing to a paralyzing powerlessness, they emerge as creators and agents of their own story.”