Ronja Horell
Ink on paper
︎ @pencilcause

"Medusa may be one of the most iconic monsters, not only of Greek Mythology but in general. The gorgon with the snake hair that turns anyone who dares to look at her into stone. Depending on which version one reads, she is either born a beast or turned into one

as punishment for being raped. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter: Perseus kills her to go on with his quest. To him it is not an act of revenge or punishment - Medusa didn't hurt him or anyone close to him. Killing her is just a task he has to fulfill. She is a footnote in his journey to become a hero.

What I wanted to do with my artwork was to give her agency back. Most of the time Medusa is depicted in very intense emotional states: she is either screaming or crying or being decapitated. I didn't want to show her like that. Instead, my Medusa is calm and collected. Her beauty is on full display, the fine features of her face are relaxed, the snakes are barely interested in what is going on. Her most important weapon aren't the beasts on her head, it's her gaze. So that's what she does: she gazes at the viewer and the viewer can't help but gaze back at her, even if they are aware what the consequences of looking at her might be. And Medusa knows this, she knows that her stare is irresistable, so she smirks subtly but triumphantly. She can protect herself and anyone who might need her help. My Medusa is beautiful and deadly, but most importantly she is the one who calls the shots this time, not Perseus or anyone else.”