Aurelie Crisetig
‘This belongs to everyone,
so enjoy the view’(2020)

Series of collages

‘This belongs to everyone, so enjoy the view’ depicts the alteration of landscapes through digital rendering. Landscape fragments are layered and combined to produce an ensemble of imaginary panoramas. Each pattern of land represents a variation in time and space in both the digital and physical world. Merged together, each landscape becomes an abstract vision of blended views, recreating a conceptual, unknown environment. These patchwork landscapes, taken from Google Earth, demonstrate how diverse a single location on our planet can appear through a visual device. The transfigurations are entirely human made; digitally by the apparatus used to capture the landscape, and physically by the effects of global warming produced by human beings.

The effects of this human interference are illustrated by these unpredictable and ever-changing landscapes. Despite this, Aurelie hopes that this moment could be the start of a new world, full of diversity and difference, and yet living in unity.

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