Beryl Perron-Feller
‘Isolation Landscape’(2020)
Series of collages

“Describing these collages is like interpreting a dream. I imagine placing myself in each environment and being very aware of my smallness against the vast, otherwise uninhabited space. A sense of sublime awe rises from the pit of my stomach. I feel both elated and frightened by the rich beauty and overwhelming unfamiliarity of such a surreal, novel place. I am excited to traverse this new terrain but also scared, so I observe from the safety of my protective shelter, as if peeking between the gaps in my fingers, until I get up the courage to explore.” — Beryl Perron-Feller

Beryl Perron-Feller’s ‘Isolation Landscape’ is a set of collages, each representing a spliced and distorted imagined view of the outside world. Faced with quarantined life, restricted to the home, the artist found herself longing to “breathe fresh air and lay in the grass”. Instead of venturing outside, these collages offer an alternative: an exterior world created by the mind and through the manipulation of imagery. This is an outside world we can access without boundaries or limits. The idea of safety and security still surfaces, however: each imagined landscape houses a small shelter or fortess, small in scale to their immense settings.

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