Dr. Howard & Adrian Pijoan
‘Human Reptilian Utopia’(2019)
2 minutes, 17 seconds

“Hi, I'm Dr. Howard: ufologist, veterinarian, and host of the Alien Hour web series. Today I want to talk about a story I've heard many times in the world of UFO research. A story that is more science fiction than hard UFO research. It's the story of the good Pleiadians -- humanoid aliens with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes -- fighting a war against the lizard people, the Reptilians. It's the story of these two alien species battling over the fate of humanity.

And I don't buy it.

UFO research is often tainted by human bias. Even contactees who directly channel extraterrestrials have to then transcribe the messages, playing an intergalactic game of telephone. I don't believe this story about the Pleiadians and I am extremely wary of a narrative where our alien saviors look like white people.

When I see those blonde-haired, blue-eyed aliens, I think “oh no, they're going to ask to see my manager.” Should we blindly trust what these alien Karens say about the Reptilians? As a ufologist it is my duty to stop the vilification of an entire species and to do more to understand them. We fear reptiles because they are different, but that does not make them evil.

This video, The Human Reptilian Utopia, is my vision for a future where human beings reach out to the Reptilians and work to build a world where we live in harmony. This is just the beginning of the Human Reptilian Utopia -- my very first vision. I will continue working to create a world where an intergalactic, interspecies dialogue is possible.

Bringing you Intergalactic Peace and Understanding,

-Dr. Howard”

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