Ikeroah Chisom
‘The Letter’(2019)
Acrylic and charcoal on paper

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted a lot of gears in the social and political landscape of the world. This does not exempt my country, Nigeria,” writes artist Ikeroah Chisom. “I believe this is the beginning of a long-awaited revolution – a jump from the fence and a swing to action.”

In ‘The Letter’, Chisom presents a portrait of two young men: one with eyes closed, one ‘awake’ and directly addressing the viewer. Set against a soft pink backdrop, it feels both tender and charged with intent. A depiction of a wax seal stamps the ‘letter’, giving it the authority of a political decree or document.

This is the second artwork by Chisom in ‘Feather Dusting Future Lusting’: ‘The Woman Who Saw Red’ in ‘Feather Dusting’ deals directly with the issue of domestic abuse. Taken together, these two works can be seen as a powerful call for change. “I believe as an artist, the universe bestows on me the responsibility to speak, to start up conversations … ‘The Letter’ seeks to act as a call for action and a stand against oppression,” writes Chisom. 

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