when a  

What happens when time
and words in space are approached  from outside the horizontal line? When the idea of time and space is seen vertically, we escape the need to abide by a certain logic of past, present, and future.




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by resident artist Lina Eunji Chang


Lina Eunji Chang is a radio maker that works with sound as embedded memories in the form of digital and electronic traces. Using oral history techniques and radio transmissions, she works with memory and the space it occupies through audio storytelling. Some of her previous works has been published with Radiophrenia and Cities & Memory.

website - www.lina-chang.com / instagram - @linaeunji


becomes a line 

when a trace becomes a line is a month long online residency based on Lina Eunji Chang’s research on her family’s Jokbo - a Korean tradition of genealogy bookkeeping.

Through a compilation of short stories, dream sequences, and audio notes, the exhibition showcases her work around family memory and access to it through nonlinear time.

Viewers will be able to read a series of stories based on a village in Korea - a re-interpretation of Chang’s family Jokbo. The method of narrating her family tree book then becomes a way of archiving the past.

Lina Chang’s ‘When a trace becomes a line’ is the first project within Kleió’s residency programme. To send an artist residency application, please email us at contact.kleio.collective@gmail.com.