Lauren Hill
‘Slaving Away’(2019)
Series of digital GIFs

Footage of television personality Fanny Cradock is picked apart, reduced and transformed through the format of a Boomerang in ‘Slaving Away’, a GIF series using footage from BBC’s 1970 television show ‘Fanny Cradock Cooks for Christmas’. Breezy, expert demonstrations are relentlessly looped, becoming hysterical and strained. In these works, a friction is created between the old-fashioned representation of gender roles depicted, and the contemporary form of visual, social communication represented by the digital media, prompting us to question fetishised domesticity and its endurance.

Lauren Hill’s work centres around the female domestic experience, a subject she approaches with passive aggression, humour and hysteria. She plays with the popular and historical characterisation of the ‘Domestic Goddess’ and everyday objects loaded with cultural reference. Her work takes the forms of video, sculpture, installation and GIFs, often involving processes of embellishment and excess leading to the distortion and elevation of the everyday.