Tiri Kananuruk & Katya Rozanova
Live stream audiovisual performance on Zoom

Tiri Kananuruk and Katya Rozanova have spent their time during lockdown exploring what domesticity means to them, as female sound artists. Previously unoccupied with matters of domesticity and its patriarchal connotations, they have found themselves in constant contact with domestic rituals and efforts.

They have spent the past few months accumulating discarded packaging and transformed these into ‘garbage instruments’, which they have combined with curious and long-forgotten kitchen artefacts, located in the back of recently rediscovered cupboards. Garlic crushers met beer cans, cheese grinders encountered cereal boxes, and scouring pads confronted pasta packets during this live audiovisual performance. Through the combining of these instruments, Tiri and Katya created a saucepan symphony which invited the audience to both reimagine a new, playful domesticity, and acknowledge our continual dependency on the essential workers who tirelessly make, pack and provide the very objects from which this piece is made. In exploring our connection to these workers, the artists embody an awareness of the social-fabric that sustains us, and invite the audience to do the same.

︎LIVE on Zoom - THU 18 JUNE 2020 (8-9PM BST) + Q&A

This performance was LIVE on Zoom as part of the opening of the exhibition. The stream included an interactive Q&A with the artists on the inspiration behind the work, the process and their respective practices. A recording of this live event is showcased above. 

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[This work is part of the ‘Feather Dusting/Future Lusting’ events programme]