Aimilia Efthymiou
‘How to cast a circle of protection’(2020)
Series of instructional videos, rituals

Aimilia Efthimiou’s work offers us another path through which to navigate the increasingly individualistic and consumerist society we inhabit. She has turned to “another knowledge”, long forgotten or ignored by many; “the female knowledge… which most people think of as the devil’s labour”. Here, she shares this knowledge with us, passed down through generations of female relatives until it reached her. She casts spells and enacts rituals which seek to both protect and prepare us for the journey ahead. Aimilia’s practice centres around tarot reading, rituals and spells, and the creation of these videos is a new chapter in her artistic work – one which she has navigated with the guidance of the Kleió team. Aimilia has been incredibly flexible and open in the adaption of her practice to our digital exhibition project, and these magical videos are a reflection of this.

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