Rachelle Romeo
‘The disowned Briton’(2020)

Embroidery with thread

 In these works, Rachelle Romeo combines the underappreciated art of embroidery with anti-racist rhetoric to express the importance of decolonising the UK educational system. She acknowledges that “currently POC are faced with some form of racism every day, whether it is systematic, subtle, violent or emotional abuse”. Reflecting upon her own personal experience of the Windrush Scandal, Rachelle has created two works through which she hopes to “evoke an emotional connection with the viewer,” in order to “allow them to see a human rather than a statistic or just the colour of a person’s skin”.

Rachelle believes that education is the key to political injustices, and that if executed correctly it  will provide an equal society, ridding the world of negative narratives and rhetoric. She believes that “with this change, future generations will have equal opportunities, be rid of fear, and have an open mind with an open heart. We need to diminish the ignorance caused by imperialism. Education is the most powerful tool equality has to make a permanent change.”