Aleksandra Sidor
‘Romantico. Nail art (Inspired by my nails from back in the day)’(2020)
Painting and floral composition

Aleksandra Sidor’s oil painting ‘Romantico’ is a tender exploration of the importance of routine and self-care in warding off anxiety during this daunting and desolate time. Aleksandra says of the work: “I don’t have my own studio, therefore all the works that I made have been created in my kitchen during lockdown. The not-ideal conditions made me focus solely on small paintings. ‘Romantico’ was inspired by my nails, from the time that I could afford to have them done. While creating this artwork I thought about its small size (8 x 8 inches) and the use of little brushes which made me think of the actual act of painting nails... During lockdown, it was not possible for me to be involved in community work and the overwhelming anxiety of hearing the death toll numbers every day have made me devote my whole time to painting. It kept me sane. This strange combination of psychological and physical self-care has kept me occupied.”