Kate Tatsumi
‘Can't Come Over’(2020)
Velvet, polyfil, plastic 
clamshell case

A pleasurable pink dildo, in a soft, unusable material. Visible and yet quarantined, encased in a clear plastic prison. ‘Can’t Come Over’ explores a fantasy within a fantasy, pondering self-love, penetration, distance and stepping through the looking glass. “I am exploring my relationship to the domestic and sex quite a lot these days, as I am single and quarantined in my home,” writes artist Kate Tatsumi, inviting us to reflect upon our attitudes towards singledom and self-pleasure. Easily accessible and yet without holding its practicality, the absurdity of a furry dildo has a surrealist nod, a sort of Meret Oppenheimer ‘Object’ for the age of internet pornography.