Coralie Zimmerman
‘If you could imagine a radically altered society, whatwould it look like?’(2020)
Series of digital illustrations

“My three illustrations portray the three values I hold dearest when thinking of a radically-altered future society – Sustainability, Equality, and Creativity.

“‘Sustainability’ shows how beautiful our streets would be if nature took priority over consumerism. A watering can is suspended in the sky, representing how post-pandemic we are nurturing ourselves and our planet, after neglecting both for so long due to our capitalist and destructive way of living. A person strolls happily with an ice cream that doesn’t melt – the warming of the planet left long behind – as the sun sets, a future definitely worth lusting over.

“‘Equality’ is a jumble of symbolism, representing equality and respect for all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. Set on the colours of an LGBTIQ+ flag are the symbols of acceptance, along with the Chinese character for ‘double happiness’ and the Arabic word for ‘peace,’ demonstrating the inclusivity of my piece and my vision of a utopian future.

“‘Creativity’ celebrates all the ways we express ourselves and come together through creative outlets, such as dance, music, writing and art. In my ideal future, creativity is celebrated and cherished, a way to bring us together in happiness after a long period of isolation.”—Coralie Zimmerman

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