‘T R I P D R I F T//’(2020)
Video on loop
1 minute, 20 seconds

Artist Cybercesspool has taken the opportunity presented by COVID-19 to pause and reflect upon her life pre-pandemic. Realising she was no longer experiencing her existence, merely travelling through it, the artist has utilised her artistic practice to rediscover her sense of self, and establish how she would like to live post-

“Before the monstrosity of COVID-19, I never had the time or space to feel like I existed: I cross time zones and continents every other day, time is no longer linear and I don’t belong in reality. I forget what it is like to lose myself or how it feels to allow the subconscious to take control.

The necessary evil of isolation helped me to reconnect with my surroundings on a psychological level. Patterns, colours, and vibrations unlock parts of your brain you never knew were possible and through this I have found zen in the midst of the chaos, and grounded myself.

The media makes it seem like the end is near and the future isn’t worth pursuing, however it doesn’t have to be this way. The more we look into ourselves the kinder we will be to one another.
If we aren’t approaching the future with love what hope do we have?”