Ikeorah Chisom
‘The Woman Who Saw Red’(2020)
Acrylic on canvas

“During these times when everyone is confined to the walls of their homes, this piece aims to reach out to those quarantined with abusive and toxic partners who previously used social interaction as a means of escape from their homes. This piece is the artist’s means of sending prayers, love and light to victims of domestic abuse with a reminder that there’s always a window for escape.”
–Ikeorah Chisom

Domestic violence and abuse has seen a sharp increase globally during the COVID-19 lockdown, and it’s in response to this harrowing situation that Ikeorah Chisom has painted ‘The Woman Who Saw Red’. Offered as a gesture of solidarity with survivors, as well as a call to action to stand against abuse, this moving work is imbued with compassion and sorrow, but also a gentle beauty, offering us the solace of hope.