‘Traces of Antigone’

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Elli Papakonstantinou/ ODC Ensemble

Written by Christina Ouzounidis
LIVE performance designed for the Zoom platform


TRACES OF ANTIGONE is a digital performance designed specifically for the Zoom platform and performed in English, Greek, and Swedish by an international cast with English supertitles. ‘Traces of Antigone’ is an immersive digital experience inviting the audience to search for Antigone in the liquid rooms of the mind.

Where and who is this missing girl? What does she want from us? Is it a myth, a dream or is it all too real?

We are very privileged to have secured FREE tickets to this unique experience for our audience, so the spots are limited and the demand is high.

“I loved that piece and am most grateful to you for bringing it into English and other languages. It is socially powerful and wonderfully experimental. It moved me and allowed me to feel most grateful for feminist art projects that link our rage with solidarity.” – Judith Butler

 PROMO - Ace+Freak cocktails

First 25 UK-based sign-ups will recieve a free canned cocktail via post, generously provided by Ace+Freak. Postage included - just sign up by Wed 24 June (12PM midday)

To attend

Places are strictly limited for this one-off performance. Please book your space on Eventbrite, click here.

If you can no longer attend, please cancel your reservation so that others can have the opportunity to enjoy this one-off performance!

Registration closes at 5pm (an hour before the performance). Please email us for any questions are inquires. 

This performance requires your sound to be on. Please note that you will not be seen or heard when you enter the performance.



Elli is a radical director, playwright, performer and visual artist based in Greece. She creates cutting edge music & new opera performances with an emphasis on new media and philosophical discourse. As part of her entrepreneurial drive, she has created the company ODC Ensemble as well as Vyrsodepseio art space in Athens (2011-2017). Elli has studied and lived in the UK for over a decade and has worked in many countries. She has created and presented her work in places like the Edinburgh Festival, Opera House Cairo, LaMaMa E.T.C., NY,National Theatre of Greece, International Festival Iraq, etc.
In 2004, she spent Spring at the Music & Advanced Media Department, Princeton University with a Fulbright Artist’s Award. She has been credited with a First Award at the BE Festival 2017 for the REP, (U.K.) and a First Prize Award Edinburgh Festival 2007, (U.K.). In 2015 she was selected to present her work at the PQ15 (Prague Quadrenial), National Greek Pavilion.

Elli is currently commissioned by Valetta18 Cultural Capital of Malta and is credited a Fulbright Foundation Award for developing her new creation at the Stanford University in 2018-19.

Established by theatre director Elli Papakonstantinou, ODC Ensemble is a radical theatre company based in Athens, Greece. ODC Ensemble makes theatre of the polis: theatre from, with & about citizens. ODC creates multidisciplinary performances that empower critical thinking with an emphasis on cutting edge music, new media and political discourse. ODC invents spaces of imagination that dislocate audiences beyond their comfort zone. The company fosters international partnerships in order to explore and break boundaries.

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[This work is part of the ‘Feather Dusting/Future Lusting’ events programme]