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FEATHER DUSTING / FUTURE LUSTING is a digital exhibition in two parts, featuring work by 31 artists, writers, theatre-makers and creative practitioners. Crossing multiple disciplines, the exhibition encompasses a variety of digital and non-digital media, including GIFs, games, performance, painting, sound, video, text, comics, installation and found objects. The exhibition is accompanied by a digital events programme, featuring live performance, readings, discussion and an online workshop.

This exhibition is optimised for mobile, however, we recommend that you view it on your desktop. Make sure you check your browser setting to ensure autoplay functions.

Navigate to a specific work using the artist index below.

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Artist Index:

Ikeorah Chisom ︎︎
‘The Woman Who Saw Red’ 

Joey Dean ︎︎︎

Lauren Hill ︎︎
‘Slaving Away‘
‘Prize Bird’  

Anneasha Hogan ︎︎
‘But I’m having so much fun!!!’

Tiri Kananuruk ︎︎ &
Katya Rozanova


Fiona Koh Li Ping ︎︎
    ‘三字经 (San Zi Jing)

Lidia Lidia ︎︎

       ‘The Waiting Room’

Lilli Mathod ︎︎

Elli Papakonstantinou/
ODC Ensemble
    ‘Traces of Antigone’

Anna Pook ︎︎
    ‘The Art of Being at Home’

Aleksandra Sidor ︎︎

Lena Stewen ︎
    ‘One Long Day’

Kate Tatsumi ︎︎︎
    ‘Can’t Come Over

Nicolette Teo ︎
    ‘Getting around difficult scenarios’

Flavia Tritto ︎︎
   ‘Domestic Labour’s Creative Touch

Liz Under ︎︎︎

        ‘ SO WHAT’

Artist Index:

︎︎ Marija Avramovic &
︎︎ Sam Twidale

‘The Zone’     

︎︎ Ikeorah Chisom
‘The Letter’     

︎︎ Aurelie Crisetig
‘This belongs to everyone, so enjoy the view’   

︎ ︎ Cybercesspool
‘T R I P D R I F T//’   

︎︎ Aimilia Efthimiou
How to Cast a Circle of Protection’   

︎︎︎ Dr. Howard &
︎︎ Adrian Pijoan

Human Reptilian Utopia’   

︎ William Kung
‘Year 2375’   
‘Future City’

︎ Joaquin Margulis

︎︎ Kate Meehan

︎︎ Beryl Perron-Feller
‘Isolation Landscape’

︎︎ Rachelle Romeo
‘The disowned Briton’   

︎︎ Coralie Zimmerman
‘If you could imagine a radically altered society,  
what would it look like?’

Collaborations: Passthejpeg ︎